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Fyre for environment

We are committed every day to maintaining responsible behavior for the protection of the environment that surrounds us, and thanks to our commitment, to the collaboration with partner companies that deal with environmental protection, and to the study and development of new technologies we have managed to reduce to minimum the impact that our company has on the planet both in terms of consumption and pollution.

fair wear organic recycled

This important milestone was achieved thanks to the development of various steps, such as:


  • We faithfully respect the "Made in Italy" supply chain

  • Machinery specifically developed to drastically reduce energy consumption

  • The packaging we use is made in Italy and 100% recyclable 

  • The Finishing of our products takes place at very low temperatures, which, without compromising the quality of the product, reduces the consumption of electricity to a minimum.

  • The electricity we use is 100% clean and certified, Each material we discard is systematically divided into material sectors and delivered to special companies for their disposal and recycling.

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